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Every Door Direct Mail Simple, Affordable Direct Mail For Local Business McCarthy And King Marketing

EDDM is a cost effective method to reach potential customers if you have a product or service with universal appeal. Thanks for providing these pre-designed templates, had no idea on how to design these EDDM flyers and where to insert the USPS Indicia. With Every Door Direct Mail®, you can include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more all of which can help bring customers to your door. Having run several Every Door Direct Mail campaigns for our customers, we are able to optimize your campaign to ensure the highest possible return on investment. For example, a local pizza restaurant may target a 5 mile radius near college areas while a law firm targets downtown or areas with a lot of office buildings. The program is based on the postal service’s carrier routes, giving you a way to send mail to specific neighborhoods. Once you are finished, you will be prompted to print out the appropriate documentation to take to the post office. A sample Event Ticket Printing mailing route map for an Every Door Direct Mail campaign in Orchard Park, NY.

We have an expert team of mail consultants, designers, and press operators that are experienced in all aspects of EDDM® and other political marketing products ready to assist you. A third option requires printing the address labels and affixing them to the flyer yourself. The postcard campaign with Postcard Mania was one of the best moves for our business we made this year. Because Every Door Direct Mail targets residences and businesses at the carrier route level, you can use it for smaller local mailings, regional initiatives or large national campaigns. At Evenhouse Printing, we have proven to ourselves and for many customers the value of Every Door Direct and Bulk Mail to reach a targeted customer base. Complete the form below and we’ll send you a complete marketing toolkit that includes printed direct mail samples, information about digital advertising and some great ideas to help you reach new customers and grow your business.

Once you’ve chosen a mailing option, contact a local printer to produce your Every Door Direct Mail piece. Casting a wide net to reach potential customers seldom works – reach your customers in a targeted, planned and effective manner using Every Door Direct Mail or targeted Bulk Mail. Every Door Direct Mail® and EDDM are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service.

Because we are a creative agency with in-house printing capacities, you can either send us your press ready file or we can design one for you. The actual cost difference between mailing through E.D.D.M. and mailing a standard-sized postcard to a targeted list is about 3 cents per piece. Increase your revenue with a postcard that stands out in the mail and that adequately communicates your message. Working with companies nationwide helping build business with effective direct marketing!! Our talented designers can put together an effective mail piece that is sure to grab your potential customers’ attention.

The nice thing about EDDM postcards is that you can mail a much larger piece which will grab attention in the mail box. Many EDDM solutions impose size restrictions, but EDDM Elite offers a variety of mailable sizes – including Large and X-Large postcards, newsletters, and more! You can save money by using EDDM®, but you must follow the process that USPS has outlined, or your postcard may not qualify for these low postage rates. You can design, print, and mail your Every Door Direct Mail® campaign, all with a click of a mouse. The difference between EDDM and regular direct mail is that EDDM must be mailed to every address on a mail carrier’s route, whereas normal direct mail can be tailored with specialized mailing lists. Our developer friendly direct mail API makes is simple to seamlessly integrate your CRM or landing pages and programmatically send direct mail to your customers.

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