give us a quiet night

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Good night … Lord, give us a quiet night, quiets the mind, so we can forget our worries of the day. And tomorrow we are strengthened to face another day of work, in the certainty that our weekend the Lord has prepared us and be all by Your will … Amen!

gratitude for the privilege of each received blessing this day … the lessons and today’s trials make us grow ever more … there is harmony and serenity in our hearts to receive this beautiful night of rest and peace. .. preparing for a new dawn of achievements!

Hey my love, take care and have good dreams. And at least let me sleep tonight because last night you broke into my thoughts in such a way that was almost impossible to concentrate on sleep. The desire to have you consumed me all night, and the smell permeated everything around me

I will sleep soundly, expect to have good dreams, and he will protect me from bad dreams. These will be trapped in their nets, and good dreams will come down to me by green feathers, the color of nature. And when dawn, wake up with the memory of sweet dreams, and the sun will burn the bad dreams that are stuck in the green networks.

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Good evening!

Turning to wish great peace in his ways.
Lots of light in your life.
And a chubby night of sweet dreams.
Love … love … always without expecting anything from the other party.
Often the simple fact of loving makes us so happy …. …
No expectations then …. just love …
As if there was no tomorrow.
Kisses in your soul.

It’s easy to say I LOVE YOU, is hard to remember the “good morning”, “good night”, “I miss you”, “you are good”, “I miss you” or “give a hug” and etc. The poet once said: “love does not feed on words, but actions.”

Good evening
The night has mysteries surrounding …
have dreams that the longings want to accomplish,
has fantasies of make-believe that bares the soul and exposes the fragility of being.
Has the emptiness that search links and support …
have you, to shine, their caresses to heat and love to engage ..

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Angels are messengers of divine energy that permeates the Universal joy they bring is a godsend. they are our spiritual helpers and want to teach us to live according to the highest principles of the universe.

Have a lighted week!
Sweet Kisses

Good evening!
Dear God, Thank you for another day,
remove from my thoughts pessimism and have I just focus on what makes me happy, at peace!
I please ask a good rest and strength to face tomorrow with Algeria. Entergy my dreams and projects in your hands.

The tests miss the goodnight kisses and whispers waist tightening of his arms. It has plenty of space in the wardrobe and it annoys me, worries me, because agony. I think these days you back, then let the vacant space. I think it is not necessary to adapt to miss, you come back, I know, I feel

And when the night find you, remember
that I hoped for you, your success and happiness
wished you smile of satisfaction and enjoyment of life,
and finally asked the Father’s love
to protect and guide you always,
lighting and directing their steps
these days and troubled situations every moment.

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